Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Swim Diary II

LA pool
This week I traded in the encroaching humidity of NYC for the beautifully-temperate June gloom of Southern California. The first leg of our summer West Coast vacation brings us to Los Angeles, where my mother-in-law lives. Her neighborhood has a great (and, in my opinion, woefully underused) pool. That's a pity for those who live around it, but a total jackpot for me. Southern California is often a little bit cool in June: it's frequently overcast in the mornings and then the clouds burn off and give way to sunnier afternoons. This week, I took advantage of the seemingly uninviting morning weather and enjoyed several refreshing solo dips before the sun came out. Each time, I got to have this lovely pool all to myself! It is a huge treat. This pool is especially nice because it's got a deep end (8.5 feet)  so I could jump in and flail like a mermaid to my heart's content.

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