Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Swim Diary I

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Provincetown, MA with our dear friends. After a leisurely drive up from NYC, stopping off at antique stores, for ice cream, and a little lunch along the way, we arrived late Friday afternoon, eager to stretch our legs and to open the summer swimming season with a quick dip. (John goes in the water almost all year round, but this was my first outdoor swim of the year). The water was really on the chilly side, but I found that going under and coming up repeatedly made it seem warmer (or maybe I just became numb?) We had a nice little swim and frolic, though it was awfully hard to get warm again after going back inside. It felt like a kind of delayed hypothermia. We did warm up, though, and then had a similar short swim the next day. On the third day, we biked down to the breakwater and were going to jump in there, but it was really windy and the thought of having to bike back through town after getting wet seemed too cold. Also: as we contemplated the dip, we saw two majestic orange jellyfish puff right by, which was enough of a deterrent to stay out that day. Although I'm dreading the summer heat, I am so delighted that it's swimming time again and excited that my first swim of the season was in such a beautiful place.

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