Thursday, March 05, 2015

Rock and Roll

Last week: Sleater-Kinney at Terminal 5.

I don't really love live music. In middle school through college, I was a big fan of several bands/artists and the thought of seeing them live was a huge thrill. These days, however, my inner granny takes over and I get tired and impatient just thinking about the hassles associated with going to shows: They start so late! They're so loud! Will there be adequate seating? Assigned seating? My feet get tired of standing on hard concrete for too long. The thought of constantly bumped into and pushed by people sloshing beer everywhere and waiting in long lines to go to the bathroom is often enough to deter me from going. But J really likes Sleater-Kinney, and they remind me of my growing up years in North Idaho in the 1990s, where my tastes and the music culture that I had access to were sort of adjacent to the Pacific Northwest music scene. So we went, and it was great! The opener (Lizzo) was a delight, and J scoped out the venue ahead of time and found us a very nice standing spot. I was still jostled quite a bit and it was a late night (and a weeknight, no less) but it was a very nice time. I always grumble about that kind of thing and more often than not, end up leaving saying "that was fun...we should do this more often!" So there is hope for me yet, I think. Their new record is very good, and as the otherwise noncommittal Times review suggested, it was really nice that it was a living, breathing, ongoing thing rather than a reunion tour. 

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