Sunday, March 01, 2015

In Like a Lion (2015 Edition)

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This morning I was pretty optimistic that spring was on its way. I chose to ignore the forecast, which unfortunately was totally accurate. The trains into/out of Queens were all messed up this weekend, so we braved a series of crowded buses and transfers to get to the Cooper-Hewitt on the Upper East Side. It recently reopened and is such a wonderful place. There is a great interactive that lets visitors browse examples from their wallpaper collection and then design their own (which is projected up onto the walls in real time). We all got a kick out of it. After walking around the museum, we had a little snack in the cafe, at which time snowflakes began coming down in earnest. By the time we'd reversed our journey (buses and transfers, etc.) it was a full-on snowstorm. This winter surely feels like a long one. 

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Emilie said...

love that colette/camera capture meredith