Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thursday Night Shadow Show

On Thursday night we paid our dear friends Emile and co. a visit, and boy, am I glad we did. I was in a slump because of my rogue back muscle, which made it hard to sit, to stand, to work all day, and the weather was cold. But we hadn't seen Emile or X or the little ladies in a long time and it is always so great to spend time with them. It was a great evening of catching up and playing and it culminated in a series of tremendous shadow shows (I guess that is what they have been doing in the evenings lately...a perfect February tradition). The kids took turns (insofar as a 2 year old takes turns) moving the puppets and narrating the shows, and it was a delight all around. Most stories revolved around a busy lady, a sleepwalker, a butler, and a robber. I tried to make the moon into a bit more of an active character. There is so much that can be done with a few puppets making crisp (or hazy) shadows on a sheet.


Emilie said...

We felt really lucky to have professional storytellers among us for the show. We really love you guys

Jill said...

I bet having you guys there made it even better. My boys would love this too.