Friday, February 13, 2015


(Beautiful snow flurries on the train platform last weekend on our way to the Brooklyn Museum).
It seemed like the unrelenting February weather had everyone kind of down in the dumps this week. I tried to keep my cool, keep my head down and get through the work week, mumbling lame platitudes toward my colleagues in the corridors like "spring is just around the bend!" It's a statement (and a sentiment) that I firmly believe, but it's kind of an empty thing to say. I am shocked (and ashamed) that I've become the kind of person who resorts to talking about the weather so much. The other thing is that I've got this mutinous back muscle that, once or twice a year, goes berserk with no apparent explanation, so in addition to the cold, I've been stooped over (and somewhat in agony) all week, hobbling about and wincing every time I get up. But the weekend is here, so I'm going to give this tangle of strained tendons a breather and hang out at home.
Yeti and Moon Man Tiles and Dog at Work

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