Monday, January 19, 2015

Beginning 2015

(Sprout and Augie "cuddling")

We rang in the new year in Provincetown in the company of some dear friends, pausing from Yahtzee (or maybe a card game?) to cheer as the clock rolled from 11:59 to 12. That trend (good times with good friends) has continued since being back in the city (I've had a couple weeks before work starts up again). Sharing good meals, walks, and games with great pals has been a really nice way to start off the year.

Swimming! There's been a pretty severe cold snap in NYC for the past couple weeks, and during the coldest days, I went swimming. There's something magical about a dip in a warm pool during cold weather.

While I've been home, J has cooked some pretty amazing meals at home, and even though I'm kind of a dud in the kitchen, I made a couple of good pizzas, these pancakes, and these muffins. We've also gotten to hang out with our good friends' dog, Augie, a few times. Having him around is like having a muppet in the house.


Jill said...

Sprout and Augie...what great dog names! Miss you guys.

Meredith said...

Sprout and Augie are quite a pair! Augie loves to play and Sprout gets so annoyed with him. It's adorable. Miss you too!