Wednesday, July 02, 2014


As May was turning into June (which already seems like years ago) we rented a car and pointed it north to visit Marina in Vermont. Navigating the patchwork of gravel country roads is intuitive to people who live around there, but to us, driving in after midnight, it was quite an adventure when the GPS momentarily fizzled out. We made it, though, and were treated to an amazing weekend. It started with a walk through a gorgeous field: Sprout was in heaven (but ran too much and was tuckered out later). We helped plant some things in the garden and mulch some burgeoning tomatoes. In town, we visited the farmer's market and bought a little Mennonite dress for our tiny goddaughter. We drove even further north to the Bread and Puppet headquarters. There is a museum (a self-serve operation in the off-season, they just ask that you turn off the lights) where they nicely display the puppets used in previous theatrical productions. Across the way is where the Bread and Puppet theatre performs: a breathtaking field that rolls down into a small pine forest. The forest is dense and features a cluster of intriguing memorial huts: structures and objects people have made to honor their dead friends and family members. It has the somber feeling of a cemetery, but I don't think anyone is interred there. Instead, it is just an enchanting, quiet place. The photos don't quite do it justice. There was also pizza and hula hooping. It was all a great time.

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