Wednesday, July 09, 2014


The month of June was deliriously busy. I was teaching an [intensive] summer class, prepping for my move, and had scheduled a bunch of travel for both work and play. I had this deluded idea that I'd have evenings free to work ahead on some stuff only to find the time flying by and myself scrambling to keep up. One of my trips took me to Milan, where I presented at a conference. It was a whirlwind (just a long weekend) but so neat to visit a city I'd never been to before. The conference was great, and the weather was moderate, so I got to spend my spare time wandering the city. I didn't have any objectives or particular landmarks on my agenda, so it was lovely just to explore. It goes without saying that I ate pizza for every meal (arugula with grana padano is my very favorite). It was a super fast, exhausting trip, but I'm glad I went!

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Emilie said...

Love these images, Meredith. Beautiful stuff.