Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Signs of Spring

Last Saturday was one of the first true spring-like days this year. To celebrate the season, we had an epic NYC outing. It started with a walk across the Queensboro Bridge. I hadn't walked across before, and it's a great little jaunt that takes you past Roosevelt Island and along the tram line. In Manhattan we popped our heads into the Food Emporium, a grocery store nestled under the bridge. The vaulted ceilings and huge old windows are really spectacular. The next stop was a small exhibit of 19th-century toys at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum. After that, it was time for lunch at Patsy's Pizza, then dessert over at Wafels and Dinges at the southern end of Central Park. It was a lot of good food. We were then on our way to the public library for another exhibit, but along the way we ran into...a parade! NYC is always having parades for this or that, and this past weekend, it was evidently Tartan Day, meaning scores of bagpipers and Scottish line dancers and even about 75 people walking their Scottie dogs. Such a great event to happen upon. After the parade, we moved along and made it to the public library, where there's an amazing exhibit on children's books (it was quite a children's visual/material culture day!) From there, it was an easy jaunt back into Queens on the 7 train. It was a terrific little adventure and a great way to start the season.

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