Friday, February 07, 2014

On Standby

Nearly two months and not a peep on this site. A disappointment for me, to be sure. I still visit to check out the blog links in the sidebar on the right, and each time I do, I'm shamed by the below post: an old, old one from December (which was old then, as a recap of November). But all is well (very good, in fact) and as I find the rhythm of this busy semester, I very much hope and intend to be back blogging with some regularity (though I'd never make the promise/expectation to write with any frequency). The New Year marked the implementation of a couple of very modest goals. These days I'm keeping a consistent sleeping schedule (early to bed, early to rise). I feel like an old lady retiring by 11 in the evenings , but it feels nice to know there's an end in sight for my work each night, and I wake up feeling better having had a full night's rest. Secondly, when I was in LA over the winter break, I visited LACMA for the first time. Whoa, what a wonderful, enchanting place! While there, I bought a "sketch a day" diary and am loving it. I'm usually really lousy at "do just a little bit each day" kind of activities, but this one is going strong! I'll post some of my daily sketches. I'm off on my train, clacking along past the ice-encrusted Amish fields, through to Philadelphia, then home to New York. Happy weekend!


Jill said...

Just caught up on you blog. Love the skeleton suit!

I want to come see you in Pennsylvania sometime, really. It seems so lovely.

Hope all is well!

Meredith said...

Hi Jill!
Would love to see you (in PA, NY, or wherever!) Thanks for being among the last readers on this lonely site. =) Luckily, catching up probably didn't take you too long. Hope you are well!

Rob Gibson said...

Just came across your blog and agree you should update more :) Love what I've read so far, will continue to catch up through back blogs. I've been blogging here for awhile and it's honestly a lot tougher to find blogs that I enjoy reading than I thought it would be. You have a good one going. Stop over by mine if you get a sec. Keep writing!