Friday, February 28, 2014

February Highlights (Part 2): Last Weekend

Because I promised myself to get another post before February turned to march. Last weekend it was freakishly warm: temperatures were projected up into the fifties and then slated to drop back down to the twenties (or even teens). We took advantage of the warm, sunny Saturday afternoon to walk around Central Park. It was pretty muddy and really crowded, but so nice to traverse old paths. We made it out of the park on the west side and went to Birdbath for a pretzel croissant and their incredible hot chocolate. On Sunday, we went to the ballet to see Coppelia. I didn't follow much of the storyline (and suspect that there wasn't too much story to follow in the first place), but the dancing was lovely. My favorite part, however, were our incredible seats! We'd waited too long to get tickets, I guess, and the only cheap-o seats left were on the very top balcony on the far, far stage right side. Basically, by turning around, we could see much more of the audience than we could of the stage. There was also a great view down into the orchestra pit. These seats are probably the least sought after, but I was delighted. 

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Jill said...

I would have liked those seats too. I enjoy watching the audience.