Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Highlights (Part 1)

Earlier this month, my typical Thursday night trip back to NYC was delayed due to snow, so I came home on a Friday morning instead. When I got home, I was tired and opted for a short nap. In typical resourceful fashion, Sprout found a thin patch of sunlight and joined me for a little snooze. The next day, we hosted a dinner party for a bunch of friends. It's fun to have enough plates (and enough seats!) for a big group, and Jordan made a really delicious pasta recipe. Undeterred by the persistent, relentless snow the following weekend, we went upstate for a quiet, relaxing weekend with some of our dear pals. They found a really magical little inn in a small, snowy town and we holed up for two days with good food, good reading, and good music. It has been an intense winter (and February has been an intense month), so it was very nice to slow the pace and winnow down the list of immediate priorities and concerns, if only for a weekend.

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