Friday, December 13, 2013

All harvested and hung up to dry

A few things that happened in November:

1) I spent a week in Montreal at a conference on Special Effects. Not only was the conference extremely enriching and interesting, but I had a great time seeing some pals who are now scattered around the globe (including two that now make Montreal their home). My friend Jeff kindly hosted me and we had some seriously charming times together. Delicious food at Pizzeria Magpie, tacos at Mais, mega delicious sandwich at the Arts Cafe, a talk by Ian Bogost at Concordia, a vernissage for a beautiful illustration/comics show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. My friend Maggie found an old Lonely Planet guide at her Air bnb, which led us to a great museum about nuns (which is also still a convent!) One night Jeff and I (mostly Jeff, obviously) cooked for our pals Maggie and Michelle, which took us to the amazing Jean-Talon market for food, and then to a little shop where we discovered what is perhaps the world's most remarkable cheese. My time in Montreal also marked our 1-year wedding anniversary. It was very sad to be apart, but we're practical people and will find another time to celebrate. Still, I found time to reflect and think about what lucky and wonderful year it's been.

2) I basically finished out the two fall classes I was teaching. No glamorous links or exciting reports in this respect. We watched some great films, a few films that are not great but that are interesting, talked about them, engaged in various projects and I graded many papers. Together, the students and I weathered the mid-semester slump and emerged (I think) okay on the other side. 

3) I enjoyed some time in Pennsylvania. Took a few luxuriously long leaf-crunching walks as the weather turned from cold to colder. Found myself at the big market a few times. Made it to a cafe that always closes way too early (3pm!?) After several attempts, I got there in time.   

3) Had a most enchanting Thanksgiving break with Emile and her family. The food was plentiful and remarkable, and the baby (toddler now!) was in extra fine form. She treated us to an afternoon of delights. 

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