Sunday, October 20, 2013

F A L L Break

Last weekend was my fall break from school, so we spent a few fun days with some of J's family in Baltimore. We ate a ton of delicious food (steaks, great breakfast, Pho, seafood) and did a ton of fun stuff. The two cousins (ages 10 and 12) were really fun to hang out with. We played many rounds of 20 questions, went bowling, and (perhaps my favorite) played exquisite corpse by candlelight. We also carved jack-o-lanterns. J's uncle and older cousin hollowed out the pumpkins and got the seeds ready for cooking (my least favorite part--so yay!) and then the kids drew on the faces and J and I cut them out. My pumpkin-carving skills are not amazing, so I was so relieved that they went for simple, classical designs. I think they turned out great! My break was long enough that I also got to spend a couple days in NYC (and see my beloved Sprout). My time there was quick, but it was enough to cook a delicious dinner--rosemary baked potatoes, broccoli, and corn (perhaps the last corn of the year). Plus, big neighborhood news: a new grocery store opened up nearby. It's so convenient. Really glad about that. Other delights from lately. This book of short stories. Really so good. Reading Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree, which I try to read every year if I have time and remember (it is so magical).

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