Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shifting, shaking. Pancake making.

Oh wow. The radio silence here is unimpressive. The summer's been a great one, but I've been far too busy on the go, uprooting, reconfiguring to write much about it. My biggest summer agenda item had been to move from Providence to Pennsylvania (where I start my stellar new job!) That, in addition to a wonderful and lengthy family vacation on the west coast, would prove more than enough for the summer. However, to add to the adventure, we also decided to move New York apartments. My brother-in-law recently relocated to the city, so we figured we'd all get a big place together. And oh. House hunting in NYC can be a real drag (though it can also be funny and interesting). Long story short (or perhaps reserved for another time): both moves are completed and everything's excellent so far. I love having new neighborhoods to explore, new patches of light at different times of day, etc. Here are a few from my new place in PA. The walls are beautiful and freshly painted, though many are still begging for some artistic adornment. IMG_3334 IMG_3354 IMG_3374 IMG_3355 IMG_3359 IMG_3375


Holly said...

your PA pad looks fresh and lovely - just right for you!

Jill said...

What a great place! I am going to come and see you sometime. I hope that invitation is still open.

It was so great spending some time with you and Jordan this week. Such a treat. Good luck with the new job. I'm sure you will be a smash hit there. I only wish I could attend your classes.

Love you!

maggie in america said...

This looks so beautiful! You create the best living spaces.