Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I spent the 4th in Westchester with the Brunch Bunch. Augie and Sprout came, too. We drove up to Maggie's parents' place in the morning and took a walk to the water. The heat was suffocating everywhere except perched on the shore, so it was great to sit for awhile, listening to folks splashing around at the Horseshoe Harbor Club's beach nearby. I wished I'd brought my bathing suit and made sure to mention it like 500 times, much to everyone's chagrin. Later, the heat discouraged us from mobilizing much, and we spent the afternoon just hanging out. In the evening we kind of got our act together and bought a ton of food to BBQ, then played a game of rummy (Sprout sat on Jamie's lap for part of the time). Then some of us checked out the fireworks in the next town over and we came back to have root beer floats (which have become a staple for us this summer). It was a fun time with a fun group. Here's what we did last year around the 4th of July. IMG_3069

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