Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Oh, summer!

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Things have kind of lapsed around here over the past few months. Despite my amazingly flexible schedule this summer, and the marvelous adventures one right after the other, I'm doing a spectacular job of failing to document anything. In photos or words or any form. I'm mostly okay with it. I've enjoyed working from home, taking pictures of the dog as she naps in the sun, and ugh, trying to make progress on some large projects. The pace and scale of my work (glacial) is sometimes discouraging, and there's a lot of work to be done (a lot), but everything's really dandy.

A few especially nice things to report: 
  • Two amazing trips to Provincetown (one in the rain--we saw Gatsby and I learned how to play Yahtzee!, and one in overcast but warm weather, where my mermaid tendencies emerged). The food is always so, so good. Surpassed only by the company. My heart swells just thinking of the good times.
  • A great trip to Madison, WI for the wedding of some friends. Did you know Madison is on a lake? And that it's beautiful? I didn't before the trip. It was a delight. We went to a petting zoo, hung out with all creatures of our God and King, ate some cheese curds and frozen custard, and all of this toodling around in a rented minivan. We were five women and a man, so the main joke of the weekend was that we resembled a polygamous brood. We tried to snap a few "family pictures," but they didn't really turn out spectacularly. On our way to and from the airport in Chicago, we played 20 questions. The one that stumped everyone was "Styrofoam packing peanuts." 
  • We're also beginning the search for a new apartment. Details forthcoming. This whole process, of course, could the be subject of a whole series of posts (so stay tuned). The earliest stages have involved visiting potential neighborhoods, often with friends who are already residents, so it's meant lots of fun in new (to us) places in the city.

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