Monday, March 04, 2013

And whoa, there went February.

I worked through this past weekend, but took enough blog-reading breaks to catch up on some of my favorites around the web talking about how horrible February was for people and how glad they are that we're emerging into the in-like-a-lion / out-like-a-lamb part of the year when spring starts seeming like a real, tangible possibility. If you'd asked me whether I thought my February was the pits, I don't think I'd have described it as all that bad, but in retrospect, it's definitely been one of those stretches of time that just seemed to slog along. I started teaching in earnest, spent a very sweet Valentine's Day (and weekend) in NYC eating pizza and watching good movies, and
had a nice trip out to Berkeley for a terrific conference on silent film. Still, even among the highlights, I fret about uncertain futures and I fear I'm starting to become one of those people who complains that there's never enough time in the day. It's thus with some trepidation that I gear up for spring. I always love when the seasons change: the electrifying air and the changing wardrobes. Part of me this year worries that time is whooshing along at too rapid a clip, but I guess there's some excitement about that, too. Here's to springing forward soon

***Image above: this weekend we had dinner with Stig, Emile, John and co. John produced this magnificent stamp set from one of his cabinets of wonder. We stamped the night away. So fun.

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