Monday, January 28, 2013

Untitled This is what it's been like, lately. Lots of nice light (warm and cool), and I've come to the conclusion that I really like winter when it's done right (when it stays steadily cold and when there's enough snow to be magical but not enough for it to be a real inconvenience). Sprout and I spent virtually all our time together when I was on break, so naturally I miss her a lot back at the writer's retreat. My only consolation is a trio of houseplants, all of whom have fortunately pulled through, even after five weeks of neglect. We got a calendar that displays the entire year on a single sheet of paper--it's kind of unnerving to see how quickly time can go by. Off and on for the past few weeks I've busied myself with my new block printing kit. IMG_2480 IMG_2468 IMG_2457 Untitled IMG_2410

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Jill said...

You're a talented one Meredith.