Friday, January 18, 2013

Luther / London

St. Paul's Cathedral and Millenium Bridge
One of the many pleasant, indulgent things I've done over my winter break is watch the BBC crime drama Luther, which I've enjoyed a great deal. It's a bummer that there are only ten episodes (though there's allegedly another season in production). A funny side product of watching it is that it's really made me want to visit London again, despite the fact that Luther's London is full of serial killers, terrorists, psychopaths, and a lot of other violent, upsetting things. Still, seeing that city as the backdrop for such wild drama has reignited my interest in visiting some time soon. I took the above photo some time in the spring of 2002. I've been back to London since then, once in the spring of 2005, once in the fall of 2010, but still, I'd like to visit again soon.

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Bakchoy said...

You forgot to mention that you celebrated your first birthday in London bonding with a large stuffed feline.