Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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A few gloriously slow moments excerpted from what is otherwise an alarmingly quick fall. So excited to fill my lungs with New England autumn air, and there are oh so many wonderful happenings approaching on the horizon. For now, here are a few goodies: sweater weather at last, we braved San Genarro, the yearly Italian feast that clogs Mulberry Street each September. J is ordinarily a pro at this "shoot the water" game, but some kid won this round (I assume the machine was rigged). We happened by an oversized, very realistic sculpture of a lady swimming, water droplets and all. Back in Rhode Island, drinking tea on a rainy evening, and hanging around the house. There's this show called The Chicago Code that's on Netflix watch instantly, and between that and Homeland, my evenings have been monopolized. 


Jordan said...

If not rigged, definitely malfunctioning.

Holly said...

I heard there were some optical toy moments as well!!