Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hello, September!

Rhode Island has already stolen my heart a thousand times over with its water and forests and friendly people and seafood offerings. Having a rental car over Labor Day weekend enabled us to extend the scope of our explorations, and I loved getting a broader view of my new New England surroundings. Providence has this amazing summer event called Waterfire where they light huge bonfires in cauldrons along the river and play pleasant music and everyone just sits out and watches them burn. We gathered along the side of the river with the crowd, then a costumed fellow riding what Jordan described as a "Segway of the Sea" rode by, tossing flowers to spectators. Then, in a very culty or Game of Thrones sort of way, a skinny boat full of people clad all in black came by and lit all the fires, each one whooshing up in turn until the whole river was blazing. The people continued up and down the river (the fires span about a half mile) stoking the fires with wood. It was seriously magical. We took a great walk at Freetown State Forest in Massachusetts, where we got horribly lost on a bumpy country road, had a picnic in Colt State Park, and saw a lousy movie at a drive in, which was a load of fun. I loved eating French Fries in the car, but unfortunately, the humidity made the windshield fog up, entirely obscuring the screen. If there's one thing worse than a lousy movie, it's a lousy movie that you can't really see. It was still so fun, though. Sprout enjoyed lounging around (obviously) and although it was hot, there was most certainly a hint of autumn in the air. I'm so excited for the back to school spirit.

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