Saturday, August 11, 2012

Three movies and a book

Last weekend's double feature was Silent House / Wanderlust

Silent House's calculated but unimaginative horror cinematography is unavoidably terrifying. The plot device that keeps the scenes dark (all the house's windows are boarded up because they're remodeling) works okay, but the thrills and chills dissolve into complete incoherence. Truly horrible. While I'd been resistant to Wanderlust for a long time, it's really a laugh out louder. Very funny. Admittedly, I dozed for about 30 minutes (during which time most of the main story complications are introduced), but I was guffawing the rest of the time. All the little side characters are hilarious. The third weekend wildcard was Transsiberian: deeply satisfying snowy scenery on a hot August afternoon. I like the idea of watching sketchy adventurous international travel from the comfort of my living room.  

Although I'm usually a pretty slow reader, I recently flew through Gone Girl. A page-turner, for sure. All the characters are stunningly unlikable, but the mystery/thriller elements are very exciting, indeed. My main complaints come down to word choices. Every time nice stationery is mentioned, the paper is described as "creamy." Boring, after awhile. Every time one of the characters feels queasy (relatively often, given the plot involving missing persons and suspected murder), their stomach is described as feeling "oily."  

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Holly said...

I noticed the 'creamy' comments too...there was one othr that bugged me but Ai can't remember it...