Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Limbering Up

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Back from an extraordinarily great vacation, and not fully wanting to acknowledge that it's over. Indeed, several remnants still taunt me, like the fact that half of my clothes smell like campfire and virtually my muscles are still sore from tubing. From hanging on for dear life while a madman piloted a boat at what seemed like impossible speeds, making sharp turns and slinging me over the wake again and again. I finally flew off and got the wind knocked out of me sufficiently enough that I called it quits. But oh wow, it was fun. In LA, we saw Batman, ate some spectacular pizza visited the Hammer, and just relaxed. Up north, there was adventuring on the dunes, chowder at Mo's, grilling, and tons of river swimming. Sublime, all of it. Now I'm slowly easing myself back into some kind of work routine. Very slowly.

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