Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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I haven't been updating very frequently because I've been too busy luxuriating in so many summer pleasures. The weekdays are full of slow-paced activities (movies, lunches with pals, slowly getting back to work on small projects, gearing up for larger ones), while the weekends become the most exquisite adventures, recounted here in no particular order. I saw the Century of the Child exhibit at MoMA (basically my dream show), which also has a mind-bogglingly good website. I strolled all through Greenpoint, ate Korean BBQ, went swimming in Harlem with baby Colette, sang weeknight karaoke with the best bunch of singers, and took in the views during a ride on the East River Ferry. This past weekend I saw The Awakening, a great scary movie: an uncanny combination of The Orphanage + The Others. Deeply satisfying right up to the kind of confusing/hokey ending. Between all of these things, there have been times for leisurely breakfasts, afternoon naps, and binge-watching Boardwalk Empire, which is a real treat. On the one hand, I can't believe that summer's basically wound down (I start working in earnest come next week), but on the other, when I think about all the very fine times I've had, it's clearly a season's worth of delights.
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Jill said...

The good old summertime. Love the photos Meredith.