Friday, July 20, 2012

Movies etc. Lately

The combination of hot weather and a little post-graduation free time lately has meant lots of swimming (the newly-reopened McCarren Pool is just perfect for a quick dip) and lots of movies. I re-watched the classic Don't Look Now, which really made me want to go to Venice (even though it's a scary movie), and while I missed what was supposed to be an amazing exhibit of Francesca Woodman's photos at the Guggenheim earlier this year, I watched the documentary about the Woodman family, which was really interesting. Last Thursday we did a surprise double feature and saw the new Woody Allen To Rome with Love followed by Muriel's Wedding (surprise double feature because we hadn't known that Muriel's Wedding was playing at the same theater at the perfect time, so it was like a super mega bonus treat). On Saturday night Danielle projected Baby Boom at her apartment, which was really fun, though to be perfectly honest, I slept through approximately one-third of it. I'm starting to realize that sometimes it's a great pleasure to fall asleep during movies. Is that strange? Lots and lots of great things are going on these days.


Kristin Donahue said...

You take fantastic photos. I'm jealous.

la_sale_bete said...

Thanks, Kristin! That's nice of you to say. Funny how this particular post is one of the few with no photos at all. =)

Kristin Donahue said...

Ha. You're correct. I must have been scrolling through the others posts as well.