Monday, May 21, 2012

Splendor in the Grass

In the springtime, Sprout is a rolling machine. She loves seeking out the lushest patches of grass and then honing in on the very stinkiest areas. Her favorite scents? Other dogs' poop and pee, dismembered pigeon wing, general garbage. She gets on her back and thrashes up a storm, the back of her skull knocking violently against the ground as she goes. When the scent has dissipated, she uses her monstrous claws to till the soil, unearthing a second or third layer of stink. As she claws, she snorts and wheezes, a small dragon awakening from hibernation. She is not ashamed to find herself in the most unladylike positions. She does not miss a beat when people stop and stare. During these rolling sessions, she just loves being a dog. Sprout Rolling

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Yogi said...

How Cute!