Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Eats

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New York City was hot this weekend! A mosquito slipped in through a hole in the window screen and managed to bite me three times before I thwapped it with my Cabinet Magazine. The heat was a great excuse to retreat to the movies, or lounge on the couch at home, remaining immobile. One day we had lunch at Schiller's, walked around the Lower East Side, and had dinner with Emilie, Xavier, and Colette. I finally watched Nobody Knows after it had languished on my Netflix queue for years. And it was opening weekend for Moonrise Kingdom, which I of course wanted to love but ended up feeling very conflicted about. I could barely stomach the first half of it, but rallied much more by the end. I think I may need to see it again. On Monday, the brunch bunch was reunited (a rare occasion, given people's overlapping work schedules!) In the heat, we had a heaping cob salad. For dinner, we juiced a ton of tangelos, nectarines, and limes (it was a recipe from the juice book my mom gave me) and had pizza from Forcella.

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