Saturday, May 12, 2012

36 Hours in Key Largo

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Last Saturday, I was up at 3:45 am. To the airport by 5. On a plane headed to Miami at 6. Arrived in Miami at 9. Drove straight off the mainland onto a tiny chain of islands. The Keys. I'd been google mapping them all week. I was there for a wedding, and it was beautiful, indeed. Alas, the prescription sunglasses I'd ordered didn't make it it time, so I was squinting a lot, but it kept me in the shade, which was probably healthier. There was lots of swimming/lounging/swimming/repeat. And people walking around the pool who would bring you a basket of chicken strips and a bucket of condiments if you asked. On the first day, there was a crab outside our room. Dying, apparently. Each time we thought it had succumbed, it moved just a little bit. We thought it was a mutant because it had one huge claw and one tiny claw. Upon further investigation, we learned that it was a fiddler crab, and that the asymmetry is perfectly normal. The whole time was amazing. It was a quick trip, for sure, but relaxing to the max, and it's got me primed for some summer sun.
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Emilie said...

ooh meredith, how i wish i could have been poolside with you!