Thursday, April 19, 2012

A few recent gobbles

Here are a couple of pictures of the homemade pizza I made last week (yes, another pizza post) and a few recent bagel snacks.
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Some pictures from a glorious Easter weekend are forthcoming! As a sneak preview, check out some of the GIFs we made of our beautiful dyed eggs on my other equally neglected blog, The Elegaic Almanac. I've only posted animations during April.
In other news, on Saturday I clumsily sprained my ankle simply by standing up. I was not attempting any fancy footwork, just trying to make my way across the living room. The pain was quite severe, but luckily I was in the comfort of my own home and could immediately elevate it while Jordan prepared an ice pack comprised of a ziploc baggie filled with frozen corn. Sprout is an excellent nurse, and while I had my foot propped up on a pillow on a stool, she dutifully came over and sat directly on top of my injured ankle. What a good dog.Thankfully, the old ankle is on the mend.

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Jill said...

Good old Sprout. Always helping out.