Saturday, February 11, 2012

On a windless Saturday

Last Saturday I was feeling enormous relief after having completed the "business" part of my trip to California. My research was done, my talk had been given, and I'd had a chance to check off almost all of the items on my to do list. With these burdens lifted, Ethan, Becky, and I headed to the beach to launch their new and magnificent dragon kite. The three of us have a pretty lousy track record when it comes to kites. A few years ago we sought to see a pretty heavy (and poorly constructed) X-Wing kite soar, but it crashed down and broke. Our Saturday excursion was similarly unsuccessful when it came to kite flying, but wildly successful in all other respects. Despite the windlessness, we pulled the dragon around and around, first at the top of the bluff, hoping to catch a burst of [nonexistent] wind, then later right on the beach. After being trailed by a curious (and curiously nude) child on the beach for awhile, we gave up and just had a nice walk. Becky's got a keen eye for creatures in tide pools, and we had a magnificent time exploring treasures from the sea. But this was only the first part of our marvelous Saturday. Stay tuned for more, including BUTTERFLIES! and TACOS!

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