Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Up and Dancing

This weekend a few gracious (and patient!) friends came over so I could practice the talk I'm giving later this week. The talk is long, and many of the quirks haven't been worked out, so it was really, really nice of them. On Saturday, a quick trip to the Salvation Army to drop off some old clothes turned out to be an odyssey around Greenpoint (to find a Salvo that was open!) Such a nice walk through those parts that I've only ever done in the summertime. We had a cart full of clothes and Sprout was making many sporadic horse-like movements, so it was difficult to get many/any pictures. On the way there I had a delicious donut from Peter Pan. On the way back, some sub-par enchiladas. In the evening I watched not one but two feature films (perhaps partially to prove to myself that my attention span hasn't been ruined by tv-length formats?) It was a great evening of eating and relaxing and playing Super Mario Bros. On Sunday evening there was a screening low-key dance party of Girl Walk, which was so super fun. My favorite character is The Creep played by John Doyle (pictured above). I want a skeleton sweatsuit like his so badly but cannot seem to find the right one...The vibe was great, made even greater by the fact that the event was put on, in part, by some Episcopal priests (and was hosted in an Episcopal church downtown). Watch Girl Walk asap if you haven't already. It's so nice.

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