Friday, January 06, 2012

Off to a thumping start

It's been a super busy week back to work, back to the grind. It's been nice to start up teaching my after-school classes again, but truthfully, I wouldn't have minded if the break had been just one week longer. Usually I have a little time to chillax on Fridays, but today's been full of catching up with work and household chorse/errands. To top it off, I had the grossest lunch: chana masala from a boiled pouch with severely undercooked rice. Here are a few shots from this week: walking Sprouty int he cold weather, a kiwi I juiced, my new gouache paints that I'm oh so very excited to try out, a really tasty dinner--small sandwich plus clementines.
kiwilounginglight dinnermy new paints

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