Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Constable chased me all the way back to the perfume counter

griffith 02 Despite having lived in Southern California off and on for two or three years, I've had very few dedicated excursions to LA. During this last stint on the west coast when Jordan was in town for the weekend we met up with our good pals from New York who have now made LA their home. These two pals--Tim and Sadie--are always up for adventuring, and we obviously had a great time. First, we got some tacos (for sustenance), then visited the Griffith Observatory. Perhaps there was some sort of astronomical event happening, because it was pretty packed. My favorite group of visitors was a cluster of steampunks perched on the the front lawn. The gentlemen in their breeches all fiddled with their clockwork, thick-lensed pocket telescopes, while the ladies squeezed into their corsets sat twirling parasols. Awesome. We took in the sublime views, then took off to get some Korean BBQ (which was a-mazing!!!) We think the staff liked us because we seemed like high rollers (since we ordered the prime rib) and because we weren't dissuaded when told that one of the noodle dishes we selected was "weird" and "stinky." We said, great! Bring it on! and they liked to hear it. They brought us out some free extra treats, like a seafood stew and some bonus noodle dish. After BBQ we didn't want to call it quits, so we utilized Sadie's "smart phone" (whatever that is) and located a billiards hall in the vicinity and shot a couple of games of pool. It was so nice to see my good chums (we unfortunately missed their stellar wedding this summer) and have a great time in the City of Dreams (west).

I think this is where some rich people live. griffith 04
We saw the Hollywood sign! Like from TV! It's around these hills somewhere.
griffith 03 There's a big telescope inside this dome. Or a rocket of some sort.griffith 01
I have no idea what's in all of these little dishes and bowls, but most of it was supremely delicious.
bbq 01

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