Friday, July 01, 2011

Step right this way

The pleasures of a summer Friday. I was at my leisure to duck out early from work-related affairs this afternoon, which was great, because there were much more pressing matters to attend to. Like eating tacos in the park and experimenting with the space-age Zoku popsicle maker. So far, we've tried plain frozen orange juice popsicles (refreshing, but unimaginative) and strawberry lime yogurt pistachio popsicles, which were deelish. Sprout got a bit overheated, but she surely enjoys rolling in the grass. The other thing to mention is that the farm share has been bountiful so far: tons of blueberries yielded a blueberry cake, and the flowers were cheery while they lasted. I'm gearing up for an excursion to see some mummies this weekend.
eating tacos
two rolling pictures
orange juice
yogurt pops
blueberry cake


Holly said...

everything looks wonderful including you tow girls and Miss Sprout!!

plumpdumpling said...

Your hair's so long, and those popsicles are so cute!

la_sale_bete said...

Who cuts your hair, Katie? I definitely need a trim. Want to come over for popsicles some time?

kasha said...

is that the Popsicle maker that freezes instantly? i've been curious about that. what's your review?