Friday, July 22, 2011

Philharmonic biscuit

It's something like 104 degrees outside, so I've been holed up in air conditioned spaces as much as possible. It is so nice to be out in the summer, but it's been pretty killer these past couple of days. While staying indoors, I made this image with a kids' ipad app, plic ploc wiz. It is very pretty: simple aesthetics, but not ideal in a lot of ways (I think that it could be much, much nicer and even more fun for kids with a few additional features, plus, it's got really limited functionality without in-app purchases and in this case, such a tiered payment system seems really unnecessary). When we were in Vermont, it was so great to enjoy all the animals around. M and C have the sweetest little ducklings. They're called runner ducks and have super short wings. They look like bowling pins. These little creatures were pretty reluctant to take their food from my hand, so I left it for them. More ways to occupy myself indoors: playing with my Playmobil skeleton. It would be nice to have a few more figures so they could go adventuring together. Sometimes I pretend that Sprout is a dragon guarding a treasure cave that the Playmobil guy is trying to get to, but Sprout gets super bored with this game. The other day, I was particularly proud of my shoe/sock combo. They're happy socks, and they really do make my feet a little happier.
plic ploc wiz
feeding the ducks
happy socks


Emilie said...

i love this report and the photos that go with it. sprout. amazing.

kasha said...

seeing you harassing those ducks reminds me of a certain petting zoo in indiana...