Wednesday, July 27, 2011

East > West

This first photo is from last night. We were watering the plants on a terrace in the city and enjoying the view and the buildings. The next three photos are from this evening. I took a walk on the beach and saw some beautiful sights and this funny bird. Pardon the sort of crappy cell phone shots. I'm on the West coast for the next six weeks or so, teaching and working on my own school stuff. I am so glad to have the time to do this work, and to get to teach, and am super grateful for my wonderful pals who have taken me in. We're gonna have a really good time.


POP TART said...

I love crappy cell phone shots! Sometimes they are more accurate than the edited ones - and the bird is cute :)

la_sale_bete said...

I think you're right about cell phone shots being more "accurate" sometimes. It is a bit more immediate and you're not fussing with the image as much. The bird was so cute. He let me get very close to him and I wondered if maybe he was sick or something. =(