Monday, July 11, 2011

Brotherly Love: 36 hours in Philadelphia

We took a very quick and very awesome trip to Philadelphia over the 4th of July weekend (just the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend) and it was a tremendously good time. The primary reason for going was to check out the Mummies of the World exhibition at the Franklin Institute (since I'm really into mummies these days). The exhibition had such a variety of fascinating mummies from all sorts of different cultures, people of all ages and from all circumstances (artificially-made mummies as well as bodies that were mummified naturally [sometimes unintentionally] by the elements). There were lots of mummified animals, too, including a pretty precious baby crocodile from Egypt. The Franklin Institute has a lot of other cool stuff to see, of course, including a place with a bunch of nozzles blowing air upwards so you can make whirligigs that fly into the sky. I had a ton of fun and shrieked with delight when my whirligig caught an upward draft. The other visitors enjoying the whirligigs were mostly in the 5-8 age set, but that's okay.
Thanks to a friend's recommendations, we spent some time in Old City, where everything is really pretty. We walked in the footsteps of Ben Franklin, ate a great dinner at National Mechanics, and enjoyed some refreshing old timey sodas at the Franklin Fountain. We also visited Betsy Ross' house, which is brimming with great historical trivia, and the Mutter Museum--an old favorite.
fountain 01
I totally hadn't thought about it, but since it was the holiday weekend and Philadelphia's a hotbed of history, there were lots of great things to see around the town. For example, without much planning, we stumbled upon a seriously majestic firework show over the Delaware (see blurry photo above). It was beautiful. Plus, everywhere you turned, there were people in period dress. I let out a little squeak when I saw these redcoats marching down an alley toward me. When they got closer, I saw that several of them were women (not so historically accurate, I presume), but they were a lot of fun nonetheless.


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jessica said...

murder the next time you go to philly let me know so we can meet up! i will be in nyc sept 23-25...going to fleet foxes on the 24th and other fun things. can we hang out??? i miss you like pretzel ham and cheese sandwiches from high school.