Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is my 500th post.

Last weekend I spent a sublime 24 hours in Boston. Most of the time transpired doing very nice, low-key neighborhood things: walking, talking, eating, hanging out. We also visited one of the art museums at Harvard. Among the most memorable pieces was this gem (best enjoyed right to left):

Unknown Artist.
Suza Geer Berah Geer, the Famous Sheep Eater, c. 1785-1790.
Indian, Ink and opaque watercolor on paper.

M. Neault sent me a postcard of a man on a horse and thanks to that, I learned all about Ima Hogg. This lavender is from the farm share.
horse and lavander
I made these jointed puppets for my niece and nephews and put them in the mail, accompanied by instructions to have a shadow show. Apparently, this was done with much success (until one of the legs came off).
Here is Sprout and a plant I got for my birthday. I call the plant "June Baby," and the little bit of green is a welcome addition to my workspace.
sprout and june baby
Aaaannnnd speaking of gifts, my brother sent me a box of very elegant Palomino Blackwings, a beautiful variety of pencil with kind of a cult following. It's been so fun to experiment with them. They draw like a dream.
pencil drawing
This is the sandwich of the season. Olive roll with a little bit of arugula. Pretty much perfect.
olive roll

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POP TART said...

it looks great - all of it :) I especially like the puppets and the gem - it's fascinating to break down the hunting ritual into small bits of action, it makes it very orderly.