Thursday, June 09, 2011

365 more

bday candle
June came, and so did my birthday. I'm venturing into pretty mysterious territory, age-wise: I'm very clearly a full-fledged adult, but still harboring the bucking, inattentive spirit of a teenager. The day itself was busy with work, but at night, my dear pals came out of the woodwork for a luxuriously long dinner. It went on for several hours, kind of a suspended animation of splendor. My plans for a full-on mummy-themed party did not come to fruition, but we ate Italian food and I produced a mummy-related party favor and that was enough to get the Egyptomania out of my system. And then, the next day, still reeling from the majesty of my birthday delights, a group of us embarked northward on an expedition. Thanks to the generous families of friends, lodging and transport were arranged, making the excursion very inexpensive.
After a few hours and some serious rounds of twenty questions, there we were in Maine at a perfect intersection of forest and ocean. It was rejuvenating in every way.
We saw sea snacks and sugar snacks.
candy and algae
We visited a lighthouse. Half of the group shots show me hustling into the frame, often in very inelegant ways. That's how memories are made, though.
sea view
One surprise discovery was a run down and super charming little carnival. We rode rides and played games. In such fine company, and engaging in such mirthful pursuits, my inner tension between young and old just went away. Here's hoping the next year is filled with this kind of unabashed fun.


Jill said... was such a treat to be able to be with you for your birthday festivities. You party was one of the highlights of my trip. I needed those laughs that only you can extract, so thank you.

Also, I enjoyed every word of your mummy themed party favor. It was so refreshing, a treat, to be reading one of your stories again, after a much too long hiatus. You've still got it girl! I'll put that one with my Meredith collection.

Happy Birthday once again. Make sure you have Emilie hand over those caramels I left for you. I think they will still be good.

Love you girl! Jordan too.

POP TART said...

That sounds and looks like the perfect birthday celebration! Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a great one. Is that your little dog in the photo? I have one very similar... only older and with brown markings, and his name is Percy. Cheers, Louise

la_sale_bete said...

Jill: Aw, thanks! I was so glad I got to see you, and it was fun to celebrate together, mummy-style.
Pop-Tart: Thank you!
Louise: Thanks! She is my dog, her name is Sprout. I wonder if she and Percy would be friends if they lived nearby!