Thursday, May 05, 2011

On the edge of something bold

Some pink flowers
This weekend, some green thumb instincts reawakened for the season around these parts. A routine trip to the hardware store for draino turned into a something bigger: a few bags of potting soil, the selection of some beautiful succulents (including hens and chicks! Yay!) and a tomato plant about which everyone is very optimistic. If the sunlight can't keep the tomatoes alive, perhaps our good will can.
The flowers and trees have been doing what they do, and that's surely nice to see. Sprout has resumed one of her very favorite past times, which is to locate something unpleasant smelling on the ground, then roll all over it on her back. Her snorts and snapping sounds during such episodes are like those of people caught up in a religious fervor. She loves communing with the Earth (and with things that smell).
white tulip
But she cleans up well, too. She looked so sublime in this impromptu Easter bow a few weeks ago.
purple bow 02
Last night I ate this soup, which always reminds me of my bro.


Emilie said...

sprout, you are so dashing in these photographs!

bravo on the plantings. i want to come see how they hold up :) love this.

Jill said...

Why do dogs do that? I'll never know.

maggie in america said...

She's hearkening back to her days at Martha Stewart. What a model!

POP TART said...

Okay, so you bought hens and chickens or socculents are hens and chickens? I know nothing, apparently!

I got some almost dying socculents from a friend some months ago, and now they are almost as good as new - but I would love to know if they are really a feathery animal!

la_sale_bete said...

Ha, ha, she is such a funny dog. But so photogenic.

Pop Tart: Hens and chicks are a kind of succulent. They're like round buds (some kinds, including the one I have, seem to have fine little spiderwebs on them). I think they're called hens and chicks because they spread easily--the larger one (the hen) can sprout a bunch of chicks that grow on their own. I will take a picture next week! (I wish I could have real chickens, but this is New York City, so there's not much room, and it probably wouldn't be the best environment for them. Some day I hope to live somewhere that makes more sense for real chickens).