Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kite wings and shirt strings

A few from last week.
1) Treats J brought back from Northampton: a Snowy button and a pretzel from Hungry Ghost Bread.
2) Getting ready for my conference presentation: proofreading, editing, and prototyping some (ultimately discarded) diagrams.
3) A scary abandoned hotel in Camden. My dad had said "it can be a rough town," but I didn't really believe him until I saw it for myself.
4) One of my favorite new meals of late (thanks to my friend Maria's suggestion). Lots of avocado, wasabi, some rice and/or udon.
Hotel Plaza


POP TART said...

I love that hotel! I would want to live there (and eat your udon - what's in the cube?)

la_sale_bete said...

Yeah, the hotel looked so intriguing. I would love to see inside.
The udon is a "just add water" mix, and all the vegetables/flavor comes in that little cube.

Emilie said...

i love milou