Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All the Snorkminsters fending for themselves

Here are a few gems (or what I consider to be gems) from the vault:
I cleaned off my workspace a few Saturdays ago, and after that, productivity has been through the roof! That's not entirely true, but a clean desk certainly does help. If only my computer desktop could be this tidy.
Likely related to my cleaning jag, in a burst of misguided domestic enthusiasm, I baked a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread, which was delicious. Apparently, bread baking can be complicated. You can buy special pans for it, and it usually takes a lot time. Thankfully, I did not know all of this when I set out. I simply read the ingredients (not the instructions, which indicated that it actually would take 3 hours) and jumped in. Since the timing was way off, I couldn't consume the bread until the next day's dinner, but it was there ready to go, so woo hoo! When I got to the part of the instructions that said to use a "loaf pan," whatever that is, I just used our one and only glass casserole and cobbler dish, which worked just fine. The bread turned out amazingly, like something you'd actually buy at the store. Only I made it. Victory!
And this one's from some time ago, but I snapped a picture when this little mouse face was looking particularly drowsy and cute. Sprout's toe pads and nails all all different colors, which is kind of cool.
Mouse Face

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