Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wildest West

Sprout and the Saturday Pancakes
On Saturday J made pancakes (strawberries + almonds and banana), Marguerite celebrated her fifth birthday a little early and we saw Meek's Cutoff (which was great).

Skeleton light
I drew a skeleton face on my light to see how it would look. I sort of want to make vinyl stickers to go on the lamp--sort of a permanent jack-o-lantern--but that'd be more permanent, so I wanted to test it first.
I unsuccessfully attempted to do some printing with a cut apple (the problem was the amount of paint, I think, not the apple).
Shake and pizza
Now that the weather's warmer, I've been making tons of smoothies. This is not a piece of pizza, but a cleverly disguised pencil case.


Jill said...

I'm a sucker for pancakes with berries and whipped cream with a side of sausage so I'm loving the top picture.

Also, I really want to see 'Meek's Cutoff.'

POP TART said...

the lamp paint is great, you should do the stickers :-) I also love the pencil case - I have one shaped lige a shrimp nigiri sushi, with tale and everything. It's fantastic that people actually make stuff like that.

plumpdumpling said...

I love the stickers idea! Actually, I think you could make some major cash selling lamps that come with different decals. Straight-sided ones would probably be easier, since vinyl isn't so great at lying flat on round surfaces. Yesyesyes!