Friday, April 29, 2011


fast food
I recently helped a friend with an art project he was working on. For part of my contribution, I decided to learn a little bit about Illustrator and vector drawing. Since then, I've been totally hooked. It's a really different style of drawing than I'm used to, but it's been fun to try new things and think about the different possibilities. I started with Illustrator and a Wacom tablet, and yesterday I started trying out an ipad app that seems really awesome. Anyway: happy weekend!
woodland set


plumpdumpling said...

Very cute stuff! I love the weiner dog, especially. I just got a bunch of Adobe apps, but I really only know how to use Photoshop. Illustrator and InDesign and all that seems really neat and probably really useful for a talented lady such as yourself.

vivian said...

You will definitely not look good like model by COACH BAGS and a pair of Coach Sunglasses in a party. On the other hand, you will mar your beauty by wearing Coach.

maggie in america said...

How come you've never introduced me to Vivian!? She seems to really "get" you.

la_sale_bete said...

Vivian and I go way back. She always seems to anticipate the answers to questions that I haven't even asked. (Such as whether to get a Coach bag and/or sunglasses).

POP TART said...

I never really understood vector drawing - how can it not be made of pixels?? But okay, I'm new to the whole adobe package. A study-partner has told me she will teach, and I hope she will, so that I can make beautiful drawings as well :-) Good work!