Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Massachusetts

A group of us went to John's house on the tip of Cape Cod (or as I call it, Cape Crab Claw) to enjoy the sand and the sea over Easter weekend. At the tip of Cape Crab Claw, nature's majesties surround you on all sides. We took a walk across the marshes to the lighthouse one afternoon. When we got to the water, we were greeted by a small pod of white whales! These things rarely photograph well, but from the shore, we easily saw the dorsal fins cresting above the water, followed by the flash of their big tails. I've never seen whales before, and it was truly amazing. The weather was just warm enough that, with our layers on, we all dozed off on the beach for a little while. On the way back, the tide was swirling in, requiring us to wade through the cold water or be ferried across on piggyback in some parts. It was raining the next day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a stroll through a beech forest around a beautiful pond. We held handfuls of seeds up to the trees and chickadees flew down, alighting on our palms momentarily to eat. As we walked through the wet forest, the moss that had been dry the day before had sprung to life. We saw flowers peeking through the earth, and a cardinal flitting through the trees. He was well aware that he was the most beautiful bird in the forest, and accordingly, was aloof, watching us from afar. The last night we were there, the sand had a magical sparkle to it. As we walked along the beach and kicked it up, it had a most peculiar phosphorescent glow. It was so nice to be beholden to different rhythms--the tide, the rain--and to see ferns unfolding from the ground and other things emerging from their hibernation. There was so much good cooking and good food, parlor games, sitting around the hearth, and an unstoppable egg-dying session. Oh good golly, it was a wonderful weekend.
water and sky


Emilie said...

you forgot to mention the part about the plans you devised regarding the mummy.

Jill said...

It sounds magical! I so wish I could have been there to enjoy everything with you.