Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blocks! (Part 2)

After completing my first sets of blocks, I decided to make a small set of nine for my friend Stephen's birthday. In addition to the solid colors and 45 degree triangles that I made with the original sets, I painted some blocks with semicircles for more pattern possibilities. The biggest addition, though, was that I painted body parts (head, torso, and legs) on some of the surfaces so that the blocks could be assembled into figures. I used a fine tipped paint pen to draw the facial features and other details on the people. With this set, you can make three interchangeable people as well as a variety of cool shapes and patterns. I hope they're as fun to play with as they were to make!
Block people
Blocks in box
back of block man
Circle design
The inspiration for this project came, in part, from Miller Goodman's Shapemaker and Playshapes blocks (available here), and from the Bauhaus Bauspiel blocks.


SMandL said...

Yo, my birthday is coming up too!

Maria said...

wow! these are great:)