Monday, March 28, 2011

Windy City

This weekend I went to Chicago for a conference. It was a very quick trip, but nice to hear some interesting talks, to give a talk, and see some friends. Unfortunately, I neglected to consult the weather before departing, so I was entirely unprepared for the 20 degree temperatures and whipping wind (is that why they call it the Windy City?) It's also funny how comfortable I feel getting around one city, then when I go to another, everything feels totally disorienting. Of course I'd get my bearings if I stayed there longer than two days, but in such a fast visit, but it's still a strange feeling. I loved the lake, and the elevated train. When I was leaving New York, I snapped a few pictures from the plane: views of Queens/Brooklyn and Manhattan. On the way back, I drew this picture on my ipad. I had been searching for a more comprehensive drawing program, and found SketchBook Pro, which is awesome. This one's not my typical style, but a fun experiment. A few more ipad pictures here.


eclafitz said...

Wow Meredith, I went to school with you and just stumbled on your blog, well an hour easily just passed and I'm so impressed/amazed out how much ass you've been kickin'... Cheers and keep on keepin' on.

la_sale_bete said...

Oh wow, thanks a lot! That's nice of you to say.
Who are you, and what are you up to these days?