Thursday, February 17, 2011

You should see them when they're coming back from the beach

Today is my last day truckin' out to Coney Island to teach art to the youngsters (though in a couple of weeks, I'll be starting a few animation classes with middle school students--yay!) It is a long commute, riding two trains to the end of the line, but at least it's a scenic one. Here are a couple of shots of the amusements in winter, waiting to come alive again. (The topic of Coney Island, what it is, what it once was, is a whole other story).

I really, really like the enormous window at this awesome cabin seen over at My Scandinavian Retreat. The cabin looks so cozy in the snow.
Just after talking about ipad styluses I saw these More / Real stylus caps over at Uncrate. I like that they fit on commonly-used pens and I'd be interested to see whether they feel like drawing with ink.
John Martz's Heaven All Day is such a nice comic. I love its depiction of the daily grind (and that it so beautifully deals with the robot uprising that we all know is inevitable).

And I made this mix on 8tracks. Some of my very faves, from this year and before.

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